Rappers Over Thirty Podcast

Rappers Over Thirty Podcast

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Rappers Over Thirty
The Rappers Over Thirty Podcast is a motivational, healthy hip hop living, rap music business, network for underground rap artists over thirty. The podcast has interviews, hip hop album reviews, and an underground hip hop radio station that plays independent rap music.

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Rappers Over Thirty Podcast
  • R.O.T. Podcast #2 with Ellay "Rifleman" Khule

    Episode 2

    Rappers Over Thirty Podcast Episode #2 with special guest Ellay "Rifleman" Khule.

    R.O.T. Ep #2 - Features Imp the Great discussing the success of the very first podcast episode with Alonzo “Lonzo” Williams, and reading some of the reviews and comments. Imp shares some motivational quotes and dis...

  • R.O.T. Podcast #1 with Alonzo "Lonzo" Williams

    Episode 1

    In this episode:

    The “Rappers Over Thirty” podcast host “Imp the Great” tells the listeners what “Rappers Over ‘Thirty” is all about. He explains the ongoing topics (Health, Artists Relevancy, Rap Music Business, Bettering the black community, and Willie Lynch Syndrome).

    The song of the day was...

  • R.O.T. Podcast #3 with Professor Jamaal Brown

    Episode 3

    In this episode:

    Imp has a serious conversation with scholar, educator, speaker, leader and graduate of "Les Brown’s Professional Speaking Training" Professor Jamaal Brown. The two discuss how Jamaal's basketball dreams were halted by heart surgery, his decision to chose books and education oppo...

  • R.O.T. Podcast #4 Da Prince Devine and Big B

    Episode 4

    Imp's guests "Da Prince Devine" and "Big Bee" are two uncelebrated rap pioneers from Harlem, New York. They share exciting stories from as early as 1977 when a young "Devine" first took the mic and started rapping. The two give their insight on diet, health, exercise, the police, new music, and t...

  • R.O.T. Podcast #5 Self-Xplanatory Music with K-Waz the Lyrical Psycho

    Episode 5

    Imp interviews his guest "K-waz The Lyrical Pyscho" is the man behind the label and production company “Self-Xplanatory Music”. He’s a producer, DJ, and Emcee whose release four solo albums and several mixtapes.

    He’s a six time producer, and a beat making champion whose produced songs for many ...

  • R.O.T. Podcast #6 with DJ Jahbluez

    Episode 6

    In this episode of "Rappers Over Thirty" our special guest interview "DJ JahBluez" a.k.a Fader Beats we discuss classic beat making gear, DJ equipment, promoting and marketing for Death Row Records, Click Tha Supa Latin a.k.a Anthony Click Rivera motivating him to get back in the game, and his af...

  • R.O.T. Podcast #7 Mind Body and Soul with Tomeicko

    Episode 7

    In this episode Imp The Great interviews the very educated, funny, skillful emcee, film producer, comedian, rapper, podcast host, writer, etc. Tomeicko a.k.a Watts 1965

  • R.O.T. Podcast #8 with South Bronx Ent. Source DJ E-MAN

    Episode 8

    In this episode: Imp The Great plays two of his older tracks “We Gotta Care” and “Ghetto Constitution” featuring Shahid from Cipher 7. He shares his big “What If?” Thoughts on the potential for a civil war “Donald Trump vs America”, shouts out Damon Dash, and has a serious discussion with the Sou...

  • R.O.T. Podcast #9 The Wizard & Pen Magician The Word Man

    Episode 9

    This is the interview portion of the "Rappers Over Thirty" podcast" Ep #9 with The Word Man.

    Imp interviews the self-proclaimed “Old Wizard & Pen Magician” the “Word Man”. An emcee from the San Gabriel Valley in Southern California.

    The two discuss his rap history, being vegan, the Alister C...