Rappers Over Thirty Podcast Series

  • R.O.T. Podcast #1 with Alonzo "Lonzo" Williams

    In this episode:

    The “Rappers Over Thirty” podcast host “Imp the Great” tells the listeners what “Rappers Over ‘Thirty” is all about. He explains the ongoing topics (Health, Artists Relevancy, Rap Music Business, Bettering the black community, and Willie Lynch Syndrome).

    The song of the day was...

  • Rappers Over Thirty Podcast

    1 season

    Rappers Over Thirty
    The Rappers Over Thirty Podcast is a motivational, healthy hip hop living, rap music business, network for underground rap artists over thirty. The podcast has interviews, hip hop album reviews, and an underground hip hop radio station that plays independent rap music.

  • R.O.T. Podcast #3 with Professor Jamaal Brown

    In this episode:

    Imp has a serious conversation with scholar, educator, speaker, leader and graduate of "Les Brown’s Professional Speaking Training" Professor Jamaal Brown. The two discuss how Jamaal's basketball dreams were halted by heart surgery, his decision to chose books and education oppo...